What is the fastest way to get my Installers name?
When you enter all your information at this automatically puts you in the system for the next available Customer Service Representative to start working on your installation. If you can't activate your InstallCard on line please call 1-800-950-9869, please have your InstallCard number, receipt number name, address and phone, product information and vehicle or location information. We can't start the process of contacting the installer unless we have all this information.
How do I know that my InstallCard is activated?
After you enter all the information online you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have you in the system. Please be accurate with your e-mail address. If you do not receive this e-mail, please call InstallerNet at 800-950-9869.
How soon can I schedule an appointment?
As soon as the InstallCard has been purchased, you can make scheduling arrangements. Please note that most of the appointments are scheduled between 24 and 48 hours after InstallCard purchase. Additional time may be required for Saturday appointments as this is the Installers busiest time.
What do I do with the InstallCard?
Once you receive the InstallCard, you can go into the InstallCard website to make InstallCard purchase arrangements and schedule the Installation appointment. Or if you do not have Internet access, you can call InstallerNet at 1-800-950-9869. You'll receive an email and your installer will receive a purchase order with your phone number and address. You can contact the installer at any time to confirm your desired date and time. When the installer arrives for the appointment, please give the installer the InstallCard to confirm payment.
How do I schedule an appointment?
Once you receive the InstallCard, you can go into the InstallCard website to make InstallCard purchase arrangements and schedule the Installation appointment. Or if you do not have Internet access, you can call InstallerNet at 1-800-979-0027.
Is the InstallCard FREE?
No, the InstallCard is not FREE, however can be purchased at an authorized retailer and/or e-tailer. Different InstallCards can be viewed at or call InstallerNet at 1- 800-650-9869.
What if the Installer suggests I return my product and instead buy from him?
This practice is never condoned; if you experience this practice, please immediately call InstallerNet at 1-800-950-9869 for follow-up.
Will the Installer call me?
Once you request an appointment, we'll contact the installer and see how we can best accommodate your scheduling needs. We'll then provide you with all your installers contact information so you can confirm you date/ time and make any changes as needed. Your installer may also contact you to do the same.
What does my warranty cover?
Installation Labor Warranty
Each installation performed using an InstallCard comes with a nationwide limited lifetime labor warranty. If at any time, the MANUFACTURER's installed product becomes inoperable due to a faulty installation the installer will correct the problem at no charge.
Defective Product – Removal and Replacement Warranty
In the event that MANUFACTURER's Product does not work properly at the time of installation, an InstallerNet member installer will remove the defective unit and reinstall a replacement unit at no additional charge. If the MANUFACTURER's Product becomes defective sometime after the initial installation, and it is determined that the malfunction is not caused by the installation, then the installer will replace the defective unit and the customer will be responsible for an R&R (removal and reinstallation) charge which will not exceed 50% of the original installation charge. These installation labor warranties apply regardless of whether the MANUFACTURER's Product is in or out of the product warranty period. Troubleshooting
At MANUFACTURER's request (or MANUFACTURER's customer request) an InstallerNet member will troubleshoot installation (where product/install issues are suspected). If, in troubleshooting, it is determined that InstallerNet's Installation Labor or Removal and Replacement Warranties do not apply, an hourly rate will apply. InstallerNet Members may be required to contact MANUFACTURER's Technical Support to confirm defective or compliant operation of products. For all warranty work the customer is responsible for acquiring the replacement product, and the costs related to doing so, subject to product warranty terms and conditions, if applicable.
NOTE: Check with your product manufacturer's warranty – many times the warranty will also be extended when you use the InstallCard.